How to Install Amazon Music on Roku (Step-by-Step)

Amazon Music is available for a wide range of devices, including its own Fire TV players and Echo speakers. However, many of you are here to know whether it’s supported on Roku or not. Continue reading this guide to learn more about Amazon Music on Roku.

Services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora has been dominating the music streaming industry for years. With just shy of 55 million listeners, Amazon Music is more of an underdog in this category. However, it has gone through major changes since its launch in 2007 and flushed out the audio listening experience.

Apart from free and fast delivery, exclusive deals, and frequent discounts, one of the biggest benefits of paying for an Amazon Prime subscription is the addition of Amazon Music. You get an ad-free access to over two million songs, as long as you have a Prime membership.

Those who pay extra for an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription get access to an extensive library of beyond 50 million songs. Alongside services like Qobuz and Tidal, Amazon Music HD also offers millions of songs in Ultra HD definition (up to 3,730 Kb/s / 24-bit / 192 kHz).

Can you Get Amazon Music on Roku?

Unlike Google Play Music, Amazon Music is officially available as a channel on the Roku Channel Store. Considering Amazon also offers its Prime Video service on Roku, it’s not surprising to see Amazon Music on the same platform.

The Amazon Music Roku channel gives you access to the same library of two million songs when logged in with a Prime membership. If you have an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription, it’s possible to stream Amazon Music’s complete library via the channel.

You can also access your purchases and personal playlists, as well as browse through a curated collection of music based on your listening habits. To learn about more features, check out the next section of this guide.


  • Amazon Music listeners can manually search for songs, artists, albums, mixes, and playlists from the Roku channel.
  • When playing a song from Amazon Music on Roku, the lyrics are shown on the player screen.
  • The Amazon Music Roku channel automatically adapts to your music preferences and syncs it with other connected devices. In return, you get to explore new albums, artists, songs, and stations.
  • You can browse through the music that you recently played on the service from all of your connected devices.
  • From the player, you can set a song to play on repeat and enable shuffle for playlists.

How to Install Amazon Music on Roku?

The straightforward way to add Amazon Music to your Roku’s channels list is to go to the Channel Store page, click the “+ Add channel” button, and sign in to your Roku account. In a minute or two, you should see the channel appear on your device.


Install Amazon Music on Roku

Additionally, you can save yourself a few minutes and follow the steps below to add Amazon Music straight from your Roku device.

  • Power on your device and let it boot to the Roku Home page. Make sure that it’s connected to the internet.
  • Next, scroll through the Roku Home page and click the Streaming Channels option below.
  • After that, click Search Channels on the following Channel Store menu, then enter “Amazon Music” in the search field.

search channels

  • Navigate to the right side and select the Amazon Music channel from the results.
  • Lastly, click Add channel on the Amazon Music Channel Store menu.

Additional step: When adding the channel, Roku might require you to verify your Roku account PIN.

Once Roku shows you the “Channel added” box, click OK to dismiss it. You can now launch Amazon Music upon returning to the Roku Home page. It should be listed at the end of the channels list.

To move the Amazon Music channel higher in the channels list, simply press the (✱) button once your Roku remote and click Move channel.

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Steps to Activate Amazon Music on Roku

As long as you have your Amazon Prime membership or Amazon Music Unlimited subscription ready, it’s really easy to activate Amazon Music on Roku. Here’s how to do it:

  • First, launch the Amazon Music channel from your Roku’s channels list.
  • Now click the Sign In option on the welcome screen. A unique activation code should show up on the following page.
  • After that, go to from the browser on your phone or computer. Sign in to your Amazon account if required.

activate amazon music on roku device

  • Next, enter the activation code shown on the Amazon Music Roku channel and click Continue.

Once you authorize the activation, the Amazon Music Roku channel should automatically fetch your personalized recommendations, favorites, playlists, etc.

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How to Use Amazon Music on Roku?

Amazon Music has recently gone through a major overhaul in terms of the user interface. There are three distinct sections of the app: Home, My Music, and Recents. You can switch between them from the channel’s navigation panel. The Search field and Profile menu are also situated on the top-right side of the screen.

How to Use Amazon Music

The Home page lets you explore collections of albums, stations, playlists, and songs that are recommended based on your preferences. When selected an album or artist, you can scroll through the popular songs and discover related albums. The ‘My Music’ page is your portal to personal playlists, mixes, favorites songs, and stations that you have previously added from other devices.

On the Recents page, you can go through a list of music you were previously listening to on Amazon Music, whether it’s from your Roku or other devices.

When listening to a song, click the () option on the player. From the following menu, you can enable or disable on-screen lyrics.

Closing up

In this guide, we have thoroughly described the process of adding and activating Amazon Music on Roku. If you happen to use Amazon Music on your mobile device or computer as well, you should also see a Cast (TV with three waves) icon on the player while your Roku is connected to the same network.

Clicking it and selecting the Roku device will cause the Amazon Music channel to open up and begin the music playback from exactly where it was paused before. It’s convenient, and you don’t even have to use your Roku remote to play, pause, or skip through the music.

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