Best Free Roku Music Channels

In this article, we have compiled a list of the best Roku Music Channels. A majority of people associate Roku with streaming videos only, but that’s not entirely true. Roku devices are commonly known as “streaming media” players, and media refers to both video and audio. In fact, many of us prefer to listen to music in our free time rather than binge-watching movies and TV shows.

While most people buy a Roku just to replace their cable boxes and enjoy on-demand content over the web, it’s also possible to stream music from various services. In case you didn’t know, the Roku Channel Store carries dozens of popular music and podcast channels.

With so many attractive choices available, it can be pretty overwhelming for many of you to decide where to stream music from on Roku. Or maybe you don’t want to pay for another recurring subscription to listen to music, and we totally respect that.

Thus, we have handpicked some of the best free Roku music channels and showcased them in this guide. Most of the services mentioned here are ad-supported, and you can also get them on other platforms.

Best Roku Music Channels – Our Top Picks

Spotify Music: Best for Listening to Music on Roku

Roku Music Channels

Spotify is one of the best music streaming services, and it’s also free to use on all supported devices, including Roku. Although you will have to deal with commercial interruptions if you are not willing to pay for the Spotify Premium subscription, you still get full access to over 60 million songs and exclusive podcasts.

Discoverability is also one of Spotify’s strongest aspects. The recommendations change according to the tracks, albums, and playlists you listen to. Artists that you follow also influence the automated suggestions.

Another drawback of Spotify’s free-tier is that you will have to listen to playlists with shuffle on. Despite the following cons, the service offers decent audio streaming quality to free-tier users. Though 160kb/s isn’t a particularly impressive bitrate, it should be fine for casual music and podcast-listening sessions.

Plus, the Spotify Roku channel has a solid user interface, which is pretty easy to control with the remote. If you use Spotify on your phone or tablet, you can also remotely cast your favorite music to Roku using the “Connect” feature.

Pandora: Good Alternative to Spotify on Roku

Pandora is another subscription-based music streaming service in the United States, with over 64 million monthly active users. It’s officially available on Roku devices, so you can enjoy your favorite songs and stations on-demand.

It offers a personalized music experience that keeps adapting to your listening preferences. Pandora curates playlists and suggests new titles based on the songs, artists, and genres you like. You can also browse through Pandora’s collection by mood and activity.

Like Spotify, you get full access to Pandora’s music library and listen to your favorites for free on Roku; albeit with occasional audio-only advertisements. However, it limits your ability to skip and replay songs in stations.

The Pandora Premium plan removes the ads and unlocks the option to create personal playlists. Additionally, the first seven days of the subscription are free for new users on Roku.

Vevo: Free Roku Music Channel

Vevo: Free Roku Music Channel

If you are searching for a place to watch music videos from your favorite artists, check out Vevo on Roku. It’s a free platform that allows access to an extensive music video library from famous singers, bands, and indie performers.

The channel’s home screen is where you will find trending music videos, along with new releases and personalized recommendations. All music videos are sorted by various genres, such as rock, metal, electronic, hip-hop, indie, pop, R&B, classical, jazz, etc. You also get to search for videos by artists manually.

Vevo is home to not only the latest music videos but also exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes clips. Furthermore, you can like and save music videos and access them quickly.

The Premium plan removes ads and unlocks unlimited skips, but you won’t really find them bothering you in the first place.

YouTube: Millions of ad-supported Music on Roku

When talking specifically about music streaming services, video-sharing platform YouTube is probably the last option that comes to mind. Surprisingly, it has a massive library of licensed tracks that you can enjoy for free alongside music videos and other content from independent creators.

Although YouTube Music isn’t officially available on Roku at the time of writing, you can still access its vast music library from the YouTube Roku channel. It has a dedicated “Music” section that highlights the music you love and auto-generated mixes.

When signed in with Google, you can subscribe to your favorite artists and listen to their latest releases at no cost. You will run into unskippable ads sometimes, but you can get rid of them by paying for the YouTube Premium subscription.

TuneIn Radio: 100,000 free Radio Stations on Roku

TuneIn Radio: 100,000 free Radio Stations on Roku

TuneIn isn’t your typical music streaming service but rather focused on radio stations. With over 100,000 radio stations from around the world, this free service can still fulfill your music needs. On top of that, you can listen to podcasts on various topics, news, and live sports commentaries from top broadcasters worldwide.

If you are into the good old ways of listening to music, TuneIn on Roku is an excellent solution. It’s free with occasional commercials, and you can browse for radio stations by genre. Upgrading to TuneIn Premium tones down the advertisements across all the stations.

iHeartRadio: TuneIn Alternative on Roku

iHeartRadio provides access to a massive selection of local radio stations, podcasts, and curated playlists. You can browse and search for stations by genre and artist, and you can listen to them for free. Like TuneIn, it also has hundreds of news and sports broadcasters to offer.

One of the key benefits of using iHeartRadio is that you don’t necessarily have to register or log in with an account. However, if you want to listen to a particular song or album from a radio station, you must pay for the iHeartRadio All Access subscription.

Notable Mentions

The above streaming services are our picks for the best free music channels on Roku. However, we have listed a few more notable options below. Although they didn’t make it to the main list, you may find them interesting nonetheless.

  • BBC Sounds: It offers thousands of binge-worthy podcasts, radio shows, and the latest music tracks from popular and indie artists.
  • Radio by myTuner: You get to listen to over 50000 radio stations from 200+ countries. Whether it’s music, sports, news, or podcasts, you can enjoy everything for free on the following Roku channel.
  • com: Alternative to TuneIn and iHeartRadio, albeit with limited choices in terms of radio stations. However, doesn’t have a paid tier, and you can browse the stations by dozens of genres.
  • AccuRadio: It’s an old Roku channel that offers curated music playlists of various genres, including Brit Rock, Country, Electronic, Folk, French Pop Classics, Latino, Jazz, R&B, Metal, etc. AccuRadio doesn’t ask for account login.

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Final Words

This is where we conclude this guide to the best free Roku music channels. Although most of the featured channels have a premium subscription tier, you can still use them on your Roku to listen to music and radio without spending a dime.

You can add the free music channels from the Roku Channel Store. They are all compatible with the newer Roku Express, Roku Premiere, Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Ultra, and Roku Streambar models. The channels should also work flawlessly on your Roku TV and Smart Soundbar.

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