How to Watch Destination America on Roku

Destination America GO is compatible across a wide variety of devices, including Roku players and TVs. If you happen to have one of them, read on to discover how you can watch Destination America on Roku. We have provided feasible solutions for both traditional pay-TV subscribers and cord-cutters.

Originally known as Discovery Travel & Living Network, the Destination America channel has gone through several major shifts in its programming over the years. Owned and operated by Discovery Inc., the channel currently airs shows focused on the American lifestyle, food, travel culture, and paranormal topics.

Destination America currently reaches more than 57 million US households over hundreds of cable and satellite providers. However, pay television subscribers can also stream the channel live via its official TV Everywhere app, Destination America GO. It even allows viewers to watch the latest episodes of their favorite shows on-demand.

Introduction to Destination America GO Roku Channel

Destination America GO on Roku provides pay-TV subscribers unlimited access to the live TV feed, along with a complete on-demand catalog of shows and docuseries aired on the Destination America channel. Just sign in with your provider account, and you are ready to go.

Here are some of the renowned series from the network you can enjoy on-demand on the following TVE channel: Living Alaska, Extreme Homes, Yukon Men, You Live in What, Bahamas Life, Moonshiners, Beach Hunters, Junk Food Flip, The Scott Martin Challenge, Expedition: Unknown, BBQ Pitmasters, America’s Most Haunted Asylum, Haunted Towns, Man’s Greatest Food, Project Afterlife, Too Cute, MythBusters Jr., and more.

You can also tune in to the latest episodes live on Destination America GO as it provides access to the 24/7 live TV channel. Depending on your internet connection and pay-TV package, you can watch the live channel stream in HD (720p) quality on Roku.

Destination America GO’s list of participating TVE providers consists of 100+ cable, satellite, and other telecommunication companies, and you will most likely find your provider in there. If you have cut the cord, there are other subscription-based options available as well. We have extensively discussed them later in this guide.

Features of Destination America GO Roku Channel

  • Destination America GO lets you stream your favorite shows from the network on-demand on Roku.
  • If your TV provider allows it, you can also watch Destination America live on Roku.
  • You can enable closed captions when watching the live channel feed and on-demand episodes on Destination America GO.
  • Like most streaming services, this TV Everywhere channel gives you the ability to add titles to a personal watchlist.
  • Navigation is fast and intuitive with the Roku remote, and the clutter-free UI makes it easy to find what you are looking for.

How to Add Destination America GO on Roku?

In order to add the Destination America GO channel to your Roku from the web, click this Channel Store link. Once you are on the channel’s description page, select Add channel, followed by signing in with your Roku account. It must be the same one linked to your Roku player or TV. It’s a free-to-add channel, so you won’t have to pay anything.

Destination America on Roku

Your Roku device also has Channel Store built-in, so you can simply follow the steps below to add Destination America GO to your channel list.

  • First, visit your Roku’s Home page, scroll down, and click the Streaming Channels.
  • Next, visit the TV Everywhere channel category and search for the Destination America GO.
  • If you can’t find the channel, go to the Search Channels menu from the Channel Store page to search for it manually.

Search Channels

  • Once you can see the search results, choose Destination America GO from the results bar on the right.
  • After that, click the Add channel option, then confirm your Roku PIN if required.
  • When the channel is finally added, click OK to dismiss the prompt.

That’s it! You can now return to the Home page and launch Destination America GO from your channel list. Make sure to follow the activation steps in the next section to unlock its offerings.

To move the channel higher in the list, highlight it, press the Options (✱) key on the remote, and then click the Move channel option. You can use the remote’s D-pad to change the channel’s placement.

How to Activate Destination America GO on Roku?

Assuming the Destination America channel is included in your cable or satellite TV package, it should be pretty easy to activate the Destination America GO Roku channel. Use these steps to do it:

  • Launch Destination America GO from your channel list on the Home page.
  • Move to the channel’s top navigation section and click SIGN IN on the far-right side. The activation page will open up.
  • Now open a new browser tab on your phone or computer and visit

Activate Destination America GO on Roku

  • Enter the activation code shown on your TV screen and click Activate.
  • Next, choose your TV provider from the following list. It will send you to your provider’s account login page.
  • Sign in with your provider username and password to finish the activation process.

If you follow the steps correctly, you should be signed in to the Destination America GO Roku channel with your TV provider. Now you can enjoy Destination America’s programming live and on-demand!

Overview of Destination America GO Roku Channel Interface

The Destination America GO Roku channel shares mostly the same UI layout as every other TV Everywhere channel from Discovery. The top section is reserved for navigation tabs and a few other options: Featured, Shows, Browse, Live, My Videos, Search (hand lens icon), and Settings (gear icon). Here’s everything you need to know about the channel’s various menus:

  • Featured: This is the channel’s default homepage, which lets you discover new shows, featured collections, latest episodes, sneak peeks, etc. The addition of the “Continue Watching” row here also makes it quicker to resume paused content.
  • Shows: It gives you access to the full on-demand catalog of titles aired on the Destination America channel. The library is organized in alphabetical order.
  • Browse: From here, you get to search for Destination America shows by a particular genre or category.
  • Live: If you wish to watch Destination America live on Roku, visit this menu. It also shows the TV programming schedule, with current and upcoming programs highlighted on the timeline.
  • My Videos: Titles you choose to add to watch later from the channel’s on-demand library will appear here.
  • Search: It opens up your typical search menu, from where you can search for programs by typing their names manually.
  • Settings: Whether you’d like to change your closed caption preferences or sign out of the channel, head over to the Settings menu.

Watch Destination America on Roku without Cable

Over-the-top live TV providers have an influential presence in the United States, thanks to the ever-growing community of cord-cutters. If you are one of them, there are plenty of subscription-based services that allow watching hundreds of TV channels live on Roku without a cable or satellite pay-TV connection.

Below is a list of OTT providers that you can subscribe to for streaming Destination America on Roku.


Destination America is included with the fubo Extra add-on, which has 43 other entertainment, news, and sports channels. If you go for FuboTV’s Elite plan (100+ channels) over the Starter one, you also get the add-on networks without paying the additional monthly fee.

On top of that, you get 1000 hours of DVR storage space and up to ten simultaneous streams on the same home network connection (five on the go).

Hulu with Live TV

The base Hulu + Live TV plan comes with 65+ channels, fifty hours of recording time, and two simultaneous streams. However, it doesn’t include the Destination America channel.

Instead, you have to pay extra for the Entertainment Add-on to get the channel. Some of Discovery’s other channels (e.g., Discovery Family, Cooking Channel, DIY Network, Science Channel) is also available in the add-on.


Philo is one of the only OTT live TV providers offering a monthly skinny bundle that doesn’t break the bank. Its 60+ top-rated channel lineup carries most of the Discovery channels, including Destination America.

You can also enjoy some of Destination America’s programs on-demand from Philo’s catch-up library. Plus, you can use your Philo subscription on up to three devices and have unlimited DVR storage.


Like FuboTV and Hulu, Sling doesn’t offer the Destination America channel with any of its monthly base plans: Sling Orange and Sling Blue. Instead, you will need to add the Heartland Extra add-on to your subscription plan to get it.

Sling Blue is the better choice if you want more Discovery channels in your monthly package. It also gives you fifty hours of free DVR storage and allows concurrent streaming on three devices.


Vidgo is a relatively new American live TV provider, offering 85+ channels at an attractive price. Its English lineup covers Destination America and all its sister networks, alongside dozens of other entertainment, news, and sports channels.

A single Vidgo subscription will allow you to stream the channel on three Roku players and other compatible streaming devices in your house. While it doesn’t provide any DVR features, you get a 24-hour catch-up window for the channels.


Except for Sling, every other OTT live TV services mentioned above are on the list of Destination America GO’s participating providers. You can use your fuboTV, Hulu, Philo, or Vidgo account to activate the following channel on Roku.

Though if you want to watch other channels in your package, make sure to add your provider’s official streaming app to your Roku device and sign in with your subscription.



These are the ways you can watch Destination America on Roku. This guide contains in-depth instructions you can follow to add Destination America GO to your Roku channel list and activate it with your provider credentials.

Don’t have a cable or satellite pay-TV connection? Sign up for an over-the-top live TV subscription instead. We have covered a handful of those services in this guide so that cord-cutters like you also get to watch Destination America live on their Roku players and TVs.

If you have any additional queries, don’t forget to leave them in the comments. We also recommend taking a look at our other Roku guides while you are here!

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