How to Install & Activate Hallmark on Roku

Searching for the guide to watch hallmark on Roku? If yes,  you are in the right place. Keep reading because we got you covered!

If you pay for a cable or satellite subscription, you probably have heard of ‘TV Everywhere’ services from your provider before. On supported streaming apps from major television networks, you can sign in with your provider account details and enjoy streaming channels live over the internet.

Additionally, you get complimentary access to on-demand TV show episodes and films from a particular network.

The Hallmark Channel is also available as a TV Everywhere service, which isn’t surprising considering the network’s highly female-driven viewership. It is broadcasted in over 73% of all American households with a television.

The channel is known for its family-friendly seasonal programming consisting of original and syndicated TV shows, miniseries, made-for-TV films, and lifestyle programs.

The chances are that you also prefer to watch the Hallmark Channel for its extensive list of programs, which is why we have prepared this guide to watch Hallmark on Roku.

As long as you have a supported Roku device, follow this guide to learn how to add and activate the Hallmark TV Roku channel on it.

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What does Hallmark TV Offer on Roku?

The Hallmark TV channel on Roku offers Hallmark’s extensive list of original and acquired TV series, lifestyle, and reality shows. Its limited miniseries and made-for-TV films are also available to stream on-demand on the following Roku channel.

Soon after the television broadcast, you can catch up with the latest episodes of your favorite Hallmark shows on-demand. It includes Chesapeake Shores, When Calls the Heart, Good Witch, When Hope Calls, Home and Family, A Royal Christmas, Hailey Dean Mystery, etc.

Hallmark TV also offers a vast library of classic sitcoms and television movies, which you can stream anytime. Its streaming library also provides sneak peeks and trailers of the latest TV shows and episodes.

Besides, Hallmark TV gives Roku users access to the 24/7 linear Hallmark Channel stream, along with the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and the Hallmark Drama channel.

Since it’s a TV Everywhere service, it needs you to sign up with your participating TV provider first. Else, the streaming library will be locked to only a handful of TV show episodes and movies.

The Hallmark TV Roku channel offers a stream quality of up to 1080p Full HD, albeit the live channel streams are only 720p. It’s also worth mentioning that most of the on-demand content has closed captions.

While Hallmark TV’s VOD library is free of advertisements, you will still see them on the linear television channel streams.

Features of Hallmark TV on Roku

  • With the Hallmark TV Roku channel, you get access to a respectable library of on-demand shows, movies, and original series.
  • When activated with a TV provider, you can stream the Hallmark Channel and its sister channels over the internet.
  • Hallmark TV lets you add movies and shows to a personal watchlist.
  • You always have access to closed captions, and the stream quality auto-adjusts based on your network conditions.
  • Roku users can manually search for their favorite content on Hallmark TV.

How to Get Hallmark on Roku?

You can add the Hallmark TV channel to your Roku’s channels list by going to the Hallmark TV Channel Store page and clicking the Add Channel button. After that, you will need to sign in to your Roku account as well and confirm adding the channel.

Hallmark TV on Roku

If you want to do it directly on your Roku device instead, simply go through the following steps:

  • First of all, turn on your Roku device and let it auto-connect to your local Wi-Fi access point.
  • On the Roku Home page, scroll down and select the Streaming Channels option to open Channel Store.
  • Now scroll down again to the Search Channels option on the following Channel Store page.

search channels

  • Next, use Roku’s virtual keyboard layout to type in “Hallmark TV” in the search field, then highlight and click the Hallmark TV channel from the results on the other side of the menu.
  • Click Add channel on the Hallmark TV Channel Store page. The channel will be added in just less than a minute.

Important Note: If you have set up a Roku account PIN, you will be asked to verify it when you click the ‘Add channel’ option.

After Hallmark TV gets added to your Roku device, click OK to close the message box and return to the Roku Home page. You will find it at the end of your channels list.

In case you want to move Hallmark TV on the top, press ✱ on the remote while it’s selected, and click Move channel. You should now be able to move the channel freely on the list.

Activate Hallmark TV on Roku

As we previously suggested, it’s necessary to sign in to the Hallmark TV Roku channel with your cable or satellite provider account. The activation process of Hallmark TV on Roku goes as follows:

  • First, open the Hallmark TV channel on your Roku device.
  • Once you are on the channel’s Home page, go up and click the ‘Log In’ The activation screen will open up with a code.
  • Go to your browser on any device and visit the following page: tv.hallmark
  • Now input the activation code in the empty box and click the Send Code.

activate hallmark tv on roku

  • The following page will prompt you to select your TV provider. Once you do that, you should get redirected to your provider’s account login website.
  • Sign in with your account information and authorize Hallmark TV’s access to your cable or satellite subscription details.

Upon successful login, the activation screen on the Hallmark TV Roku channel should close on its own. After that, you can either stream from Hallmark’s on-demand catalog or watch the 24/7 Hallmark Channel live on your Roku device.

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A Brief Introduction to Hallmark TV’s UI on Roku

The Hallmark TV Roku channel is separated into four different pages: Home, Shows, Movies, and Live TV. The hand lens icon on the channel’s upper-right corner indicates the Search option, whereas the gear icon sends you to the Settings menu.

Hallmark TV’s UI on Roku

From the Home page, you can browse through categories and discover new and trending Hallmark shows and movies. The Continue Watching row is also accessible, letting users instantly resume watching an episode or a film from exactly where they paused it previously. The Home page is your one-stop access to content recommendations.

The Shows and Movies page lets you go through all of Hallmark’s original and syndicated shows, miniseries, and movies. You can also browse through the TV show episodes by seasons. There are no content filtering options available. When you select a series or movie to watch, click the Add to Watchlist option to add it to your watchlist.

From the Live TV section, you can access the linear Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, and Hallmark Drama live streams.

To enable closed captions when streaming from Hallmark TV, simply click the CC button in the player overlay window.

Can you Watch Hallmark on Roku Without Cable?

Those who don’t pay for a cable or satellite subscription anymore can’t access Hallmark TV’s streaming library on Roku for apparent reasons. Fortunately, there are over-the-top live TV providers that you can rely on for watching Hallmark and other TV channels on your Roku device.

In order to stream the Hallmark Channel, make sure to grab a subscription from one of the following services:


AT&T TV NOW does offer the Hallmark Channel with its PLUS and MAX featured packages. The PLUS package has 45 channels, while the MAX package has 60+ channels. Recent episodes of your favorite Hallmark shows are also available as VODs.

The service also gives away 500 hours of cloud DVR space and up to three continuous streams.


fuboTV provides the Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, and the Hallmark Drama channel with its fubo Standard, Family, and Elite subscription plans. You can access catch-ups of recently broadcasted Hallmark content from fuboTV’s VOD library.

As a bonus, you get up to 1000 hours of recording time and the option to stream fuboTV channels simultaneously on five different screens (depending on the subscription plan you choose).

frndly TV

frndly TV offers a skinny TV bundle of 15 channels, including the Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Drama, and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. The entire library of Hallmark content is also available on-demand on the service.

There’s a 7-day free trial available on frndly TV, and you can cancel the subscription anytime. Furthermore, you get unlimited DVR storage.


Philo is the most affordable live TV provider in the United States, with 60+ channels in its lineup. It includes three of the Hallmark channels, and you can access its shows and films on-demand from Philo’s streaming library.

With Philo, you can stream on up to three devices at the same time. DVR storage is also unlimited, with recordings stored for a month.

Sling TV

If you choose to go with Sling TV, you will need to pay $5 more for the Lifestyle Extra add-on on top of your base Sling package. It includes the Hallmark Channel trio and a few other lifestyle channels.

With Sling’s base packages, Blue and Orange, you also get ten hours of DVR storage. With Blue, the number of simultaneous streams goes up to three devices.

Wrapping up

That’s all the things you need to know for watching Hallmark on Roku. Note that the Hallmark TV Roku channel isn’t the same as the Hallmark Movies Now channel, which gives you ad-free access to Hallmark’s on-demand library for a monthly or annual subscription.

You can also activate Hallmark TV on Roku with either your fuboTV or Philo subscription, as they are available in the network’s list of TV Everywhere providers.

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