How to Turn Off Roku

If you are searching for a way to Turn Off Roku device while not in use, this article discusses various possible ways to turn it off. Read on through this guide to learn more.

Roku offers a variety of media streaming players, set-top boxes, TVs, and soundbars. You can download thousands of channels from the Roku Channel Store and watch movies, TV shows, pay-per-view content, and live TV channels with either a subscription or for free.

However, there isn’t any sort of power switch on most current-gen Roku players. Except for the ones bundled with Roku TVs, none of the Roku remotes come with a power button assigned to Roku devices.

In case you have one on your Roku player’s remote, it most likely powers your TV off instead of the streaming device.

Why don’t Roku Devices have a Power Button?

Whether you are using a Roku Express, Express+, Premiere, Premiere+ stick, or a Roku Ultra or an Ultra LT box, none of them have a power button as they are not supposed to be turned off.

In general, Roku streaming players are low-powered devices designed always to stay on and connected to the internet, similar to most other Fire TV and Android TV streaming boxes.

When powered, the Roku device boots up on its own and remains on. When not in use, the device goes to an idle state, which many of you know as ‘standby mode.’

Keeping the device powered on all the time means that it can finish updating the added channels and installing Roku OS updates when you are not using it. Also, Roku devices are designed to consume a minimal amount of power in standby mode.

If you still are not comfortable keeping your Roku device powered on when not in use, there are a few alternate options.

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How to Turn Off Roku

How to Turn Off Roku

How to Turn off Roku Express or Streaming Stick (USB-Powered)

Those who have a Roku Express or Roku Streaming Stick can power it through their TV’s USB port. If you got one of them, then plug it to your television using the original USB power cable instead of using the wall adapter.

Doing this will cause the Roku device to shut down automatically when you turn off your TV. However, your Roku has to go through the cold-boot process every time you turn on the television.

Also, the power delivery through the USB ports on some TVs may not be enough to power a Roku device.

How to Turn Roku Off (AC-Powered)

Another way to turn off Roku device is to unplug the included AC wall adapter from the power outlet. It will entirely cut the power source to the Roku device and disconnect it from your home network.

Alternatively, you can just flip the switch next to the power outlet to turn off the Roku device. However, if you use a surge protector, flipping the power switch will also turn off other devices plugged into it.

If you don’t want to take the hassle of manually toggling the outlet switch all the time, consider buying a Wi-Fi smart plug that you can control via either an app on your smartphone, Amazon Echo, or a Google Home (Nest) device.

How to Turn off Roku TV & Roku 4

Roku TVs are the only Roku-powered devices that you can turn off via the dedicated power button on the remote. Depending on the manufacturer and model of the Roku TV, you can also set up advanced power-saving options from the Settings menu, including a timer to turn off the TV and the LED indicator light.

Another Roku device that can be turned off manually is the Roku 4. If you still use one of them to this date, then you can power it off quite easily. Simply go to the Settings menu from the Roku Home screen and navigate to the System menu.

After that, go to the Power > Power Options menu and select Power Off from the options. Alternatively, you can select the Auto Power Off option, which will cause the Roku 4 to turn off automatically after being inactive for half an hour.

Turn off Roku TV & Roku 4

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Winding Up

As mentioned previously, keeping your Roku device powered on all the time is totally safe, as they are designed to last long and intelligently handle power consumption. When you are not using the device for streaming, you can leave it as it is until it goes into the auto-standby mode.

However, you can unplug it from the power source to your will without losing data and connect it to another TV or monitor elsewhere. We have listed a handful of workarounds you can follow to turn off your Roku device safely.

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