How to Create Roku Account & Set Up Roku Without Credit Card

Is it possible to Create Roku Account & Set Up Roku Without Credit Card? This guide will answer your question and explain Roku’s real reasoning behind asking users for their billing information.

Roku has millions of users around the globe, offering a vast lineup of streaming media devices in different price ranges. Users get to enjoy the massive catalogs from Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, Peacock, and hundreds of other OTT streaming services. It also allows them to stream live TV and sports content without a cable or satellite connection.

If you own a Roku device or a smart TV with Roku built-in, you must have a Roku account in order to activate it. It’s similar to how Fire TV devices ask for an Amazon account, while Android TV prompts users to log in with their Google account credentials.

However, you may have heard from somewhere that Roku requires users to provide their billing info and credit card credentials during the account creation process, which you probably are not comfortable with at all. It raises the question of whether it’s possible to use a Roku device without providing credit card details. In this tutorial, we will show you how to register Roku without credit card.

Why does Roku Ask for Credit Card Info?

Roku players are always pitched as easy-to-use streaming devices and designed to be intuitive among a variety of general users. Roku asking for your credit card details is merely a convenience factor.

Roku has an auto-payment system called Roku Pay, allowing users to link their billing info and make it easier for them to sign up for supported OTT subscriptions directly from the device. The payment system is deeply integrated into Roku OS, similar to how Apple encourages people to use Apple Pay on their devices as a universal payment method.

For example, if you wish to access the Disney+ library on your Roku device, all you have to do is add the channel from the Channel Store, open it, and pay for the subscription directly via Roku Pay. Your Disney+ subscription gets linked to your Roku account, removing all the additional registration steps in between.

Since Roku also takes a cut every time you use Roku Pay to buy a subscription or renew a monthly plan, it’s pretty obvious why they want you to use Roku Pay over other payment systems. Fortunately, you don’t necessarily have to enter your banking credentials when creating a Roku account. Furthermore, Roku never charges you for device activation.

How to Create Roku Account Without Credit Card?

To register for a new Roku account without giving your credit card information, we recommend going through the instructions below. It actually is really easy.

  • Visit from your browser and click the “Sign in” option above.
  • Next, select Create account on the login screen. It will redirect you to the account creation page.

Create Roku Account Without Credit Card

  • Enter the required credentials, tick the boxes next to the statements, verify the captcha, and click Continue.

set up roku without credit card

  • Now choose your PIN preference and click Continue.

It allows you to verify when purchases can be made, and channels can be added to your device. More on that later.

  • Once you are prompted to “Set up Roku Pay,” click the Roku icon on the top-left corner of the page. It will send you back to

That’s it! You should see the Welcome back text when you hover over the Profile icon on the upper-right side of the webpage. Select My account in the drop-down menu to go to your account settings.

Easier Process

Many people don’t know this, but Roku provides a sign-up link that doesn’t prompt users to set up Roku Pay in the first place. However, it only works in select regions.

Head over to and go through the account creation process. If the link works as intended, it will ignore the Roku Pay setup page altogether and send you to the account settings menu instead.


If you are reluctant to link your credit card to Roku Pay only because of your housemates or kids making accidental purchases, Roku does offer a solution.

During the account creation process, you get to set a PIN for your Roku account (as shown above). Depending on your PIN preference, your Roku device will require your account PIN to either make purchases, add channels from the Channel Store, or in both situations. As long as you are the only person who knows the PIN, no one else would be able to sign up for an OTT subscription, rent or buy movies or TV shows, or add channels to your Roku device.

You can update your PIN preference and add a payment method from the Roku account settings page or

How to Activate Roku Device

If you haven’t set up your new Roku device yet, follow the steps below to activate it with your Roku account.

  • Connect your Roku device to your TV via one of the HDMI ports and plug it into a nearby wall outlet or USB port to power it on.
  • Go through the on-screen setup steps and connect your Roku device to the internet.
  • Once you get to the activation screen, head over to from your web browser on another device.

How to Activate Roku Device

  • After that, enter the Link Code shown on the Roku screen and hit Submit.
  • Now enter your Roku account credentials and log in. You will need to verify your PIN to complete the activation process.

You are done! All that is left for you to is add some streaming channels to your Roku device and enjoy watching live/on-demand content on your big living room TV screen.

Remember that you still need to use your credit card or rely on a different payment method to purchase a premium subscription from a particular streaming service.

To Conclude

This is how you can register for a Roku account and activate your device without a credit card. Bear in mind that there’s no charge for Roku account creation or device activation. Even if you choose to set up Roku Pay with your billing information, only you will be able to take advantage of it.

In case you receive an email or get a call from a “Roku customer care executive” asking you to pay a service fee or your banking credentials for the activation process, simply ignore it. You can learn more about such scams and fraudulent practices from Roku’s official support page on this topic.

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