How to Activate & Watch Starz on Roku

Starz exists in both the TV Everywhere and streaming-only platforms, available as a flexible network add-on. If you want to watch Starz’s content on your Roku device, considering taking a look at this guide. We have included all the tidbits about watching Starz on Roku.

Starz is a premium cable and satellite television network in the United States. Its initial debut in the 90s was focused on delivering original movies, shows, and other content on linear multiplex channels, similar to competitors like Cinemax, HBO, and Showtime.

Ever since the major shift towards over-the-top streaming platforms, Starz has struck deals with popular streaming services as a premium content provider, which existing users can subscribe to as an add-on. It’s now also sold as an independent subscription directly from the network.

What Does Starz Offer?

The official Starz Roku channel lets you access the complete library of Starz’s original films and series. All you need is a Starz subscription, whether you have it added to your cable or satellite package or purchased it directly from Starz. It supports both TV Everywhere and Starz account login, which is awesome.

Here are a few popular TV shows you can watch on Roku: Outlander, Da Vinci’s Demons, American Gods, Ash vs. Evil Dead, Black Sails, Power, Spartacus, The Missing, The Pillars of the Earth, The White Queen, etc. The movie collection is quite large, made of both the latest and classic Hollywood titles. Furthermore, you will be able to stream six linear multiplex channels: Starz, Starz Cinema, Starz Comedy, Starz Edge, Starz in Black, and Starz Kids & Family.

Starz, as a standalone subscription, costs $8.99/month. In order to sign up for Starz, either contact your cable or satellite television provider or go to to get the streaming-only plan. The standalone option also comes with a 7-day free trial.

You can also pay for Starz directly from your Roku device, as the Starz Roku channel permits in-app payments. However, you need to have a payment method added to your Roku account to complete the purchase.

How to Add Starz Channel on Roku?

Before we dive into other options, let us show you the way to add the Starz Roku channel to your Roku’s channels list.

  • First of all, use the arrow keys on your Roku remote to scroll down the Home screen and select Streaming Channels.
  • Next, navigate to the Search Channels option and use the on-screen keyboard to input “Starz” in the search box.

search channels

  • Select STARZ from the following results that show up on the right side of the interface.
  • Now click Add channel and wait for STARZ to get added to your channels list. Confirm your Roku account PIN if required.
  • Click OK once the channel is added. You may now go back to the Roku Home screen.

You can launch STARZ on Roku from the bottom of your channels list. If you want to move it at the top, highlight the channel and press the ✱ key on the remote to bring up the context menu, then click Move channel.

You can also add the Starz Roku channel from the web. Go to the Starz Channel Store page, click Add channel, and then sign in to your Roku account. The channel should be added to your Roku device linked to the same account after a few moments.

starz on roku

How to Activate Starz Channel?

The Starz Roku channel is easy to activate. All you need is an active Starz subscription linked to a participating TV provider or a standalone plan linked to your Starz account. It’s worth mentioning that Comcast/Xfinity doesn’t allow users to log into the Starz Roku channel as of now.

Once you launch STARZ from your Roku’s channels list, you should see the Home page. After that, go to the navigation panel and click the Log In option. The channel should generate an activation code.

Now open a new tab and go to You have to enter the activation code in the empty field and click Submit. The following page will prompt you to log in with either your TV provider or Starz account. You can then follow the on-screen steps to activate Starz on Roku.

activate starz on roku

Watch Starz on Roku with The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel is a freemium streaming service, offering thousands of movies and shows in one unified platform. Starz is available on The Roku Channel as one of the several premium add-ons. You can access hundreds of Starz originals on the service, as well as watch select episodes and films for free.

Once again, you can subscribe to Starz directly from The Roku Channel on your Roku device. It will cost you $8.99 per month, with auto-renewal on by default. The 7-day free trial is also covered. It’s worth mentioning that The Roku Channel comes pre-added on every Roku players and TVs.

Watch Starz on Roku with Prime Video

If you use Prime Video on Roku for content streaming, you probably know about Prime Video channels. You can add individual channel add-ons on top of your existing Prime Video subscription and enjoy additional content.

Starz is available as a channel on Prime Video, alongside dozens of other premium content providers. Like The Roku Channel, you can access all of Starz’s original series and licensed movies from the Prime Video library. However, you get to stream six of Starz’s linear TV feeds (east coast) on Amazon’s streaming service as well. In comparison, The Roku Channel offers only the main Starz live TV stream.

Starz channel on Prime Video costs the same as before, but you have to pay it on top of the $12.99 monthly (or annual) Prime Video subscription.

Watch Starz on Roku with Hulu

Hulu is one of the most prominent American streaming services, with over 35 million subscribers across the serviceable areas. Hulu has dozens of content providers, but Starz is one of the four premium network add-ons on the service.

Whether you go for the regular Hulu plan or get the monthly Hulu + Live TV package, you can add Starz to your subscription and pay an additional $8.99 every month to get access to hundreds of original shows and blockbuster Hollywood films from the network.

Bear in mind that the live Starz channel streams are accessible only when you are a Hulu + Live TV subscriber. Depending on where you live, you get to stream either the east or the west coast feeds of Starz, Starz Cinema, Starz Comedy, Starz Edge, Starz in Black, and Starz Kids & Family.

Watch Starz on Roku with Apple TV

If you happen to have an Apple TV+ subscription, you can log in with your Apple ID account to the Apple TV Roku channel and enjoy its rich on-demand library.

Similar to The Roku Channel, Hulu, and Prime Video, Apple TV also offers optional network add-ons, which include CBS All Access, HBO, Showtime, and of course, Starz.

Apart from accessing Starz’s vast collection of movies and shows on Apple TV, you can also watch the linear east coast feed of the Starz television channel.

It’s worth mentioning that you can subscribe to Starz directly from Apple TV on Roku, but the payment will go through your Apple ID account instead. Auto-renewal is enabled by default.

Watch Starz on Roku with Live TV Services

Over-the-top live TV services have been recently gaining a lot of traction for their cost-effective, subscription-based plans, as well as features like cloud DVR, VOD library, and simultaneous streams.

Starz is available as an ‘a la carte’ channel on popular live TV services. If you plan to cut your cord, consider checking out the list of options below and getting a Starz subscription too while you are at it.

Live TV services Features  Availability of Starz
AT&T TV NOW  Flexible plans, catch-up library, DVR recording (500 hours), three simultaneous streams Yes

($11/mo + only two Starz channel feeds

Hulu + Live TV 65+ channels, on-demand library, 50 hours of recording time, up to two device streams Yes

($8.99/mo + live feeds of six Starz linear channels)

Philo Only $20/month, on-demand library, unlimited DVR storage, three device streams Yes

($9/mo + three Starz linear channels)

Sling Affordable plans, VOD library, cloud DVR (10 hours), flexible add-ons Yes

($9/mo + six Starz live channels)

YouTube TV  85+ channels, VOD, unlimited DVR space, three concurrent streams Yes

(pricing subject to your region, all Starz channels incl.)

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Wrapping up

This is where we wrap this guide to watch Starz on Roku. We have not only shown you how to add and activate the official Starz Roku channel but also walked you through every possible alternative offering Starz’s extensive library of original series and films.

Unless you are using a discontinued Roku model, compatibility shouldn’t be that much of a big deal. All the mentioned Roku channels and services are available on current-gen Roku players, TVs, and soundbars.

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